China Falmer

Resident Since: 2011-03-12 (13 years, 3 months ago)

Come visit us at The Gacha Shack - Resell Gacha Yard. See picks for LM

I attempt to sell 100% gacha in my shops, many older items. I don't agree with the full perm resellers just adding one or two prims of their own. This is NOT gacha. I DO buy decent gacha in bulk, please ask.

♥Leo is my rock, my support and always keeps me smiling ♥

☑ Happy ☑ Fun ☑ Loyal ☑ Subject to occasional brain farts
☑ Attracted by shiny objects and most things pink (mind out gutter please . ☑ Prone to random acts of stupid!

UK Time Zone (SLT+8 hours)

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