Goldie Katsu

Resident Since: 2006-06-20 (17 years, 8 months ago)

Enjoy building, scripting, discussing philosophy and ideas. Feel free to chat with me.
Free woman, companion of Shamir.

Also collecting Linden Bears. (Thank you to the following Lindens: Beast, Data, Dee, Sejong, George, Joshua, Mia (Volunteer, Joy to our World, S Patricks Day), Harmony, Harry, Hermia, Izzy, Kelly, Lawrence, Lexie, Lotte, Maurice, Meta, Michael, Milo, Nichole, Spike, Rheya, Stephen, Sylvain, Teeple (& Mr. Fluffy) Wilder, TrickorTreat, Joe and to Michael Takakura who got me started)

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