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Try a demo before purchasing - No refunds unless double purchase!
>> Offline on weekends c:
Thank you for your understanding and support! :D

If you have special inquiries that the bot can't help with please make sure to send me a detailed notecard including;
- Resident Name.
- Detailed written inquiry with pictures.
- Transaction details.

Please give me 3-5 workdays to respond, I'm not offline often as I usually spend my time in 3D programs making meshies c:

For FAQ check my picks.
For customer service FAQ [Automated menu] contact secondlife:///app/agent/7e8fba21-9787-4d17-b982-6fbd2cd1ed54/about

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Link to this page: https://world.secondlife.com/resident/b5a520c6-4777-4e06-9229-9bf162a8062b