Senn Maximus

Resident Since: 2007-10-15 (16 years, 9 months ago)

"...and I said to myself, what a wonderful world" and so I stayed.
I'm away quite often lately due to RL, but still very much involved from a distance...

For ALL "how to" questions related to content creation, please use the BB group so that others can learn with you. :)

<icon>Inv_Landmark</icon> [secondlife://Builders%20Brewery/182/96/25 Join the Builders Brewery Group Here]
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❥ My Discord senn.m

I'm a simple person, easy to approach. But I rarely have time for chats.
I'm blessed to be the Co-Founder/Owner of Builder's Brewery. The only relationship I need in SL or RL atm! ;)

The BB is a school, help group, sandbox, & skill training for empowering virtual world content creators. Happy to say we are a multi-award-winning school, & multi-Avi Choice Award winner for "SL's Favorite Group"

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