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My store: No Illusions

No Illusions is getting ready for spring by busily building and decorating.

The No Illusions in-world and marketplace stores are both open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week (at present 4-2024).

We have the Snuggle Blanket and lots of interior/exterior mesh decor, animesh characters, and other interesting products.

If you don't see a demo of something at the in-world store, send me a message. Not everything is on display at all times, but if you want to see something specific, I'll accomodate whenever possible.

Anyway, come take a look. Constructive feedback is welcome.

[ No Illusions Eclectic Marketplace-store]
[ Deviant Art]
[ No Illusions In-World Store]
[secondlife:///app/group/0943d4fd-61a1-09cd-d28d-d381fb3301ca/about No Illusions-Group-Joiner]

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