Cloey Hynes (cloey.dawner)

Resident Since: 2008-04-20 (15 years, 11 months ago)

If you cannot speak to me or others with respect, you shouldn't be in a position with any authority. People at the auctions are customers, and if your title is CSR, that stands for Customer Service Representative, and being rude and hateful shouldn't be allowed.

I am Owned by Bull Hynes in every world. I have been His for over 15 years now, Please respect that His collar adorns my neck in both worlds and that i am here to serve Him in any way He desires If you see me out & about, know it is with His permission. Please contact Him w/any issues, or compliments.

My avatar is online nearly 24/7, and I am afk much of that. Please be patient with responses. If i don't respond right away, please either try again or send a notecard because I've been known to crash and lose all open IMs. Thank you for understanding. If I know you message, I will try to respond.

Here for Him, our family, my friends & my breedables.

If someone is mean to kind, it will drive them crazy.
If someone is will help them heal.
If someone is kind, it will teach them to soften.
If someone is don't have to be like them.
Kindness is never a mistake...even if you cannot forgive a past wrong, be kind.
The final word on this? Be Kind.

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