Alexandra Vanilla

Resident Since: 2014-06-11 (9 years, 11 months ago)

Sailor and verified SL avatar. Always in love...

NEW! My AI collection! (warning: there is some nudity!)
[ Deviant AI images]

I like to hang out on beaches, clubs and parties.

If I have to ask who/what you are, I already lost interest!
You have a wishlisht in profile? I don't sponsor losers!
Only talk to me if you have more to say than the usual boring greetings.

Remember: Everything you wear can be used against you!

Difference between RL and SL: in RL we are born naked and they dress us as quickly as possible, in SL we are born dressed and want to be naked as soon as possible.

There's something strange with SL and (a lot of) men ... as soon as they log in, their IQ lowers with the half and their dick doubles size!

Why do they talk in SL about "a woman with an extra" (the penis) while in fact it's "a man with extra" (the breasts)?

Yes, I judge people on how they look... don't you too?
I'm not a friend collector!
I don't bite, I kick (hard)!
/ } Put this woman on
/ ' .\ your profile
_/ ) ( `- to show you
( , ) are against
| / women abuse
/ | and cruelty.
' `
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