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Queen of Laurelin in Tiny Empires.. Word of warning....if you are looking to start a journey into Tiny Empires, my advise would be DON'T! If I had it to do all over again, I would delete that hud from inventory and actually enjoy SL for the fun its supposed to be. All Tiny Empires is, are massive amounts of alts, people using servers and macros to farm gold in the waters of SL and a creator who simply doesn't care. You have been warned.

Before you send me a message concerning sabos, I would prefer it if you would spare some time to read this....

I do not function as game play enforcement department for the kingdom.
I am not going to lecture anyone on how to conduct themselves throughout their game.
If you have a problem with sabotage, I ask that you address it to the developer of the game, Ultralite Soleil, and not to me personally.
I have nothing to do with the development of Sabotage, and I have no input whatsoever over how the game is played.

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