Joss Floss (jossinta)

Resident Since: 2011-07-23 (12 years, 11 months ago)

Listen to me DJ (eclectic mix of indie dance, rock and world music):
La Fabrik Klub - 12 PM SLT every Monday
The Roofs - 12 PM SLT every Wednesday


⚥ Trans Femboy

No racists, no bullies, thanks!
I have no time for people who lead double lives (alts).
And if you can't be loyal, don't even think about it.

Thank you to Alix Figaro for my profile picture.

SL DJ and Club Owner (La Fabrik Klub).
SL photographer / artist (check out my flickr account).

I can be contacted when offline at

My flickr:

Like to follow me as a DJ? Join my SL group "Flossify".
Just IM me and ask me to add you in the group.

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