Kei Larimore (kei.folland)

Resident Since: 2008-03-04 (12 年, 1 ヶ月 ago)

HIi ツ, I'm Kei and i'm 3 years old. If ya wan me for somf'n or have a problems, plz IM my mom.
(( Unless it for product Support.. then IM or Notecard ME.))
(( Links to my world store and MP store are in my profile ))
Mine mom is Dawnara Sweetwater, Dad is Bozz frog.
Whole lott'a Sisters an Aunti's an gramma an grampa. more than can
ohya, ))) NO SEX ((( Don't ask, Dont try. It'll make u Unhappy cuz i AR u,
<< If you're look'n for stuff i make, check my Picks >>

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