Nessa Nova

Resident Since: 2011-09-12 (12年, 2ヶ月 ago)

Aвσνє αƖƖ, Ɩσνє єαcн σтнєя ɗєєρƖу, вєcαυѕє Ɩσνє cσνєяѕ σνєя α мυƖтιтυɗє σf ѕιηѕ. [1 Peter 4:8]

Landscaper and Sim Creator of:
♥ Lost Unicorn + Lost Unicorn Gallery
♥ Storybook
♥ Lost Unicorn Weddings!!
♥ The Relic
♥ Finian's Foraois.and Finian's Dream (Closed)
♥ Telrunya sims (closed)
♥ Many private parcels and sims

Always an elf, fairy, fae, faun, angel, mermaid or kawaii inspired look.
In a world that provides endless opportunities, don't be basic. Embrace your inner child. PLAY with happiness , in abundance and without a care in the world. ♥

I'm often AFK or hyperfocused on my landscaping activities, so please be patient if it takes a little while for me to reply. Don't let the autoresponse keep you from sending a message though! ♥

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