NeoVictoria SkyMall Machinima InfoHUB - BijoCam Tutorial SENSOR

Category: Educational
Region: Machinima
Size: 192 m 2

This is Machinima, part of the NeoVictoria estate. Enjoy "The Kiss, Part III" ...a 3-part machinima which demonstrates using the BijoCam. Learn how to use its sensor objects & HUD interface to create an image sequence based on the avatar's movement.

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Price Description Location
BijoCam Tutorial InfoHUB Greeter ~ SENSORS - ~Welcome to the Machinima Arts Building!~
55, 209, 699 Go Go
The Kiss, Part 3 - BijoCam Tutorial - SENSORS - ~Turn your media settings to ON and watch the free movie!~
58, 207, 702 Go Go

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