Kuan Yin Terraces

Category: None
Region: Mieum
Size: 7728 m2
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Sit before the golden Buddha or in karuna-metta meditation. Visit the Bodhisattva exhibition. Consult the Kuan Yin Oracle. Turn the prayer wheel. There are statues of Kuan Yin, waterfalls, rivers, flowers, birds, orchards in 2½ acres of relaxing gardens.

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Stone Path Circle - Mod/Copy/No Trans
33, 41, 87 Go Go
Stone Path Curve 40% - Mod/Copy/No Trans
124, 52, 94 Go Go
Stone Path Strait - Mod/Copy/No Trans
122, 17, 97 Go Go
Stone Path Strait - Mod/Copy/No Trans
121, 24, 96 Go Go

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