Ƶoэγ Ƶэụяяα (zoey.zeurra)

Resident Since: 2009-09-15 (11 Jahre ago)

» Name: Ƶoэγ Ƶэụяяα «
» Race: Koberu, Arctic Wolf, Elf, Fox «
» Age: 25 «
» Relationship: secondlife:///app/agent/130bd232-b73e-4c1c-9cd3-357328e98c2d/about ❤ «
(!!!IMPORTANT REPORT on Alvinator and his alts, please READ in my picks!!!!)
-To ANYONE who Alvinator, Luckova or DemonBran will write to take pictures of me and then send him photos of everything you do with me, please report the harassment! Thank you.
»♥♡ Everything else in my Picks ♡♥

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Link to this page: https://world.secondlife.com/resident/8d1dd133-2f61-4351-88a6-95947df2cd24