Taki Kujisawa

Resident Since: 2010-04-04 (8 years ago)

✖YOU MUST SEND ME A NC I WILL NOT GET YOUR MESSAGE! Cuz SL is a wanker! Stores are in my picks.
☻ I create the people in my head.☻
⚣ I'm a fucking happy fucker (I'm GAY). Sub, no limits.
☯I am nothing. Femboy gender/species shifter.
ღ Blargh ^(;,;)^
♬ I DJ at Starfall & FLAP
ღ Epicine | .::[HTxDZ]::. | ~Glasgow Grin~ designer/owner
ღ Founding member of the GPM!
✰ Owner: NOP~ Events, Femboy Hunt, Rule 34 Event, Fur Love & Lust Hunt

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