Dane Zander

Resident Since: 2004-23-05 (13 年, 7 ヶ月 ago)

"The Lost Gardens of Apollo" were created by me in the fall of 2005, and I closed them in June, 2011.
The sim has now been reopened by Linden Lab, as a *Historic Build*.
What an honor! I am thrilled to say the least!
Since the reopening, I personally have received many, many kind messages, questions and requests. Thank you!!!
I am not able to log on every day though, so each time I can log on, all messages are capped, unfortunately..
Please send a Notecard to ensure a reply from me, thank you!

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Link to this page: http://world.secondlife.com/resident/7436de2b-c197-42bb-9991-ab38218d0b12