Ķŗŷşťă Ŗębęļ Fąńģž (tsunadeofshadow)

Resident Since: 2011-10-03 (8 anni ago)

The Name is Krysta
Mistress 100%
Bitch 100%
Innocent Pahlease do not make me laugh
I have one wonderful babygirl Vicki (Pizazz) she became my 1 June 23rd and has been at my side loyal and faithful since
On August 19th she will become my 1 in RL
If you have any questions or problems with her
Address them with me.
If you have any problems with my
Well... I think you pretty much can guess what I am going to tell you... Have a great day.. I am not here to please you , nor is she.. Life is too

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