Nҽʂʂα Tҽʅɾυɳყα (noralie78)

Resident Since: 2011-09-12 (8 years, 6 months ago)

Things I LOVE in SL:
ღ Sim Building. Creator of Lost Unicorn, Telrunya, Finian's Dream and many more;
ღ Anything Elven and Asian;
ღ My friends ღ;
ღ Voice! Typing is tiring;
ღ Treating my avatar like a Barbie doll;
ღ Profile perving;
ღ Live music;
ღ Exploring;
ღ Roleplaying;
ღ Doing or saying weird stuff for shits and giggles.
ღ Vanishing for months. Sorry. I'll be back! (Arnold voice)

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