Dalik Tokhes

Resident Since: 2006-01-27 (15 years, 1 month ago)

Welcome to me profile. I be Dalik; alchemical weaponsmith, and incubic tiger. See my Pics for details.
Let me say this; I don't like D/s. If you're into it, that's fine; just don't expect me to respect it. And if you're walking around sporting RLV or OpenCollar crap outside of a brothel or sex sim, don't expect me to have anything positive to say to you.
I like making friends, but if you friend me, then don't talk to me for a few months, I'll remove you, to keep my friends list managable.

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Link to this page: https://world.secondlife.com/resident/165a013b-c941-4664-9cd5-292dea43970b