Alethia Island Sandbox (8hr auto-return)

Category: None
Region: Alethia Island
Size: 58784 m2

A tropical public sandbox with privacy areas, no-script areas, sky platforms and builder's sky platforms. We also host Neo Realms fishing, various games, and an adjoining market with cheap stores for rent. Build, script, explore.. all are welcome!

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Items found here:

Price Description Location
New Trails - Overblown White Water Lilie /m&c - <41.42477, 145.29948, 20.45555>
41, 145, 20 Go Go
New Trails - White Water Lilie /2 petals open /m&c - <47.90150, 177.67117, 19.26762>
47, 177, 19 Go Go

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