Willow Winds

Category: Residential
Region: Guardians
Size: 65536 m2

Fashions, Gachas, DFS Store, Photography and Homes! A bit of something for almost everyone. Come see what treasures you can find without breaking the bank.
Mystical Gacha, Mystical Fashions, CRAZE LTD, LIPS Photography, Caswell Home & Design, DFS Store

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Items found here:

Price Description Location
Buildables: Display Crate v2.21 44 - Sharkclub Buildables 2016
124, 140, 4000 Go Go
Pose stand 1 - (No Description)
101, 5, 1000 Go Go
Reach - Buildables ID:596118
161, 208, 4000 Go Go

Link to this page: https://world.secondlife.com/place/f4b7b211-c8aa-ea33-db0a-31f8a4370c9a