GALLOWS SEX CLUB: Noose Play Area for Hanging & Asphyx Lovers

Category: Hangout
Region: Polasido
Size: 2048 m2

ADULTS 21 OVER ONLY - GRAPHIC PHOTOS: A well equipped hang out for lovers of sex in a noose, asphyxiation, & other gallows role play. (*WARNING* Do NOT visit if noose play images are illegal in your community & play safely in SL - never hang in RL).

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Price Description Location
Gallow M/F by Desade Lane 4.2 - 3
162, 4, 620 Go Go
MJhKCAv8.3.3 - 6
180, 28, 610 Go Go
MJhKCAv8.3.3 - (No Description)
184, 28, 610 Go Go

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