Mika's World

Category: None
Region: Holiday Land
Size: 65536 m2

Land price: L$1, tier fee: L$28.000/m or 6500/w
Homestead Sim/Region, 5000 prims. Estate Manager.
Full rights including terraforming, deviding and land reselling.
Contact: angel4sky Shepherd, Hope87 Dreamscape, Aviva Sparta, HimBaer Pfeffer or Bell BellEs

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Items found here:

Price Description Location
[MF] Carousel floor - By MedievalFantasy
110, 91, 33 Go Go
[MF] Wonderland carousel merry go round - By MedievalFantasy
110, 91, 40 Go Go

Link to this page: http://world.secondlife.com/place/c1ee36bd-eeb2-6868-93fb-9111f03d9798