Logos Cards Research Satellite - Collectible Card Game

Category: None
Region: Borgbeef
Size: 720 m2

The newest action-packed battle card game in Second Life! Check out http://www.logos-cards.com for videos, rules, and more!
CCG TCG trading card game sci-fi cyberpunk roleplay strategy collect trade tactics tactical collectible gaming scifi combat

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Price Description Location
LOGOS cards - collectible card game group inviter - magic the gatherin yugioh pokemon
146, 196, 2525 Go Go
LOGOS Cards Demo Requester - http://www.logos-cards.com
136, 199, 2526 Go Go
LOGOS Cards Tourny Board - v1.02 - http://www.logos-cards.com
141, 221, 2528 Go Go

Link to this page: http://world.secondlife.com/place/90bb1d6e-66b1-2192-2461-07ada0d684b9