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Category: Shopping
Region: Cerura
Size: 2816 m2

Full body mesh avatar with free UV and 3D templates for skin makers, animators and clothing designers.

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Items found here:

Price Description Location
Click for Mesh Avatar Notecard
72, 107, 24 Go Go
Click for Mesh Viewer Info - (No Description)
67, 107, 25 Go Go
Linden Lab Beta Viewer Download - free music video flyby of available building space in new virtual world
65, 107, 24 Go Go
Mesh Avatar Body (Alice) Version 4 - by Tirion Designs
70, 107, 23 Go Go
Tirion Designs Mesh Avatar Template Download - Free for skin and clothing designers
76, 105, 23 Go Go
Tirion Designs Mesh Rock (Free) - (No Description)
68, 94, 21 Go Go
Tirion Designs Mesh Rock (Free) - (No Description)
66, 94, 21 Go Go

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