Category: Hangout
Region: Shinda
Size: 6832 m2
Owner: (???) (???)

Meditate in a cosmic sci-fi ambient natural space galaxy, relax to psychedelic inspiring chill tunes while you fly through stars and hug the universe at INSPIRE SPACE Park
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/*Windlight Sky:"A-12AM" Water: "[preset]"*/

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Items found here:

Price Description Location
MG - Pandora Horn Flowers v1 Blue - Mindgardens Creations
76, 206, 1511 Go Go
MG Blossom Field -Teal - Mindgardens Creations
73, 210, 1512 Go Go

Link to this page: http://world.secondlife.com/place/26cfcb34-20d0-252b-7f4c-05a9f6fbf3fb