Las Islas - Las Arenas

Category: None
Region: Las Arenas
Size: 65536 m2

Romantic tropical Island of Las Arenas, The original best and most realistic waves and beaches with swaying palms and hibiscus actually moving in the breeze. All mesh and low lag. Come and fall in love.

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Items found here:

Price Description Location
Las Islas coffee (wear me and Click on me ) - (No Description)
13, 69, 23 Go Go
Naima Sculpt Candle - sculpt candle
10, 69, 22 Go Go
Naima Sculpt Candle set - sculpt candle
10, 69, 21 Go Go
Naima Tropical Luxury Outdoor low table - (No Description)
9, 75, 22 Go Go

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