SW: Resurgence - Yavin IV (ILM-CS, SW:RPG)

Category: None
Region: Yavin IV
Size: 65488 m2
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Learn the ways of the Force. Train to become a Jedi with the Kalway Order of the Jedi on Yavin IV.
Jedi, Star Wars, SWRP, Role Play, RP, ILM, SW:RPG, Resurgence
/*Sky@0-3800:"[TOR] Midday - Baskaholic"Sky@3800-4096:"Midnight"Water:"[TOR] Showing age"*/

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Items found here:

Price Description Location
Desktop R2D2 - Little Unscripted R2-D2 model
206, 5, 23 Go Go
Door 1 - (No Description)
44, 160, 696 Go Go
MailTraxx - basic email+ swithing textures
126, 247, 21 Go Go
Meresh Valley - Super Greeter 4.8 IM welcomes new visitors
45, 148, 2625 Go Go
Natural Selection Vending Machine - (No Description)
129, 192, 22 Go Go

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